Meet the Mutis

Sometimes the sum of the profusion of energy that defines the physical and spiritual world becomes so much, so intense that little cracks emerge. And out these cracks the mutis creep. They are enchanted fragments manifested by an overload of the grande wonder of life, they are imbued with all the world's powers and are at once everywhere and in everything and in everyone... but only make themselves visible to those they choose.

The Mutis go by a variety of names, some call them tokoloshies, some call them monsters. Whatever they are called, they are in essence, enigmatic shape shifting entities who hold the power to prance and play between worlds and conduct spectacular magic both good and bad.

Mutis come in many shapes and forms and each has it own special capacity for wonder making. MissYucki has had the pleasure of befriending many different mutis and together they have adventured through dreamscapes and cityscapes and seen fascinations beyond compare.

Visit the Muti character catalogue where you will get to meet some of MissYucki's favourite Muti friends.