Meet MissYucki

MissYucki is ... a little pavement princess from Johannesburg, South Africa. She lives with her muti monsters, magic trolley and all the other gutter beasties of Braamfontein. She loves to dream travel and concoct potions because she is a little Sangoma ,witch doctor, in training.

MissYucki's ultimate ambition is to be crowned queen of all the little miss beauty pageants. She wants to be the supreme pageant princess and spread pageant power far and wide.

MissYucki loves to play dress up. She is a master of disguise and her super power is in fact her pageant power. She is always on the look out for dashing new styles, outfits and ways to transform herself. She is never far from her accessories, and loves to try on new outfits for her pageants. From pavement trash-treasure trawling outfits to sparklepuff jumpsuits for her muti swirling escapades, MissYucki oozes pageant power and reveals a myriad of dress up identities to suite her many playful moods! In fact you can help her find the best outfit by visiting MissYucki's Dress-up Bonanza!