The Muti Boutique

Tense at first, wondering whether her new companions would be noticed, Miss Yucki remained cautious. Very few ever noticed her, yet today she needed to be alert. The vibrations of the streets under foot, more intense today than ever before it seemed, held her little frame in a consuming buzz.

However after a short time she realized that none of the people could see her strange friends. Miss Yucki alone would be privy to the grand Yucki plot.

Her anxiety abated the second she sensed all was well. If nobody could see her monsters then she would not stray from her regular ways. On their first day together there was much to be done. Supplies immediately needed included herbs and rare relics, dried bones, fresh skins and of course a new bowl in which to blend muti and mix tricks.

There were many remedies to make and love potions to brew.

It was time to set up Yucki shop, to mix mutis, weave dreams and get established as prospectors and purveyors of the treasures of trash. Soon the rainbow love groove would be swirling around as the muti monsters set about yuckifying every day of the week.

Deeper into town they forged, following Miss Yucki to one of her favourite muti shops. Inside the atmosphere was gloomy, stuffy and dank.

Curious dead creatures lined the floor and hung on dirty wires hanging from the roof. Jarred libations and pieces of bone could be found alongside ribcages of eagles, beaks of some squawky types of birds as well as bits and pieces that one hopes came from chimpanzees but probably didn't.

Drawn by the smell, Mucki and Icki charged into the shop ahead of the others.

Muti monsters love and deal in treasures of the dark side and when the potpourri of death, life, love and loathing touches their nostrils they become like hyenas around the weak. Miss Yucki and Sicki followed soon after and for the next swirl of time they selected their bounty.

Some hot things, some vrot things, many things gazing blankly from rotted eye sockets ñ very soon their trolley was filled with the finest treasures with which to get Yucki.

Of all their finds the most unexpected and exhilarating came just before returning to the streets as Sicki unearthed a series of objects carved straight from a vintage Hottentot.

Delirious with joy the team made their way back to Miss Yuckiís shelter from the previous night. The mixing and dream weaving could now begin and the strange little creatures set about influencing all things.

Not yet one day in the city and already the Yucki muti mixing team could feel that this was their place, the headquarters of muti mixing, and pageant power.