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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Spookasem, originally uploaded by MissYucki.

MissYucki will be participating in the the Spookasem exhibition in Cape Town at Salon 91.
Yay an all girl show! It opens on the 20th of january 2010, stop by if you are in town

We will be showing work along with Abigail Heyneke, carmen Ziervogel, Ceri Muller, Dagmar Sissolak, Elise Wessels, Emma Cook, Gila Simons Band, Jade Klara, Katrine Claasens, Lauren Schofield, Leonora Van Staden, Mareliza Nel, Maya Marshak, Mine Jonker, Motel Seven and 351073.

SPOOKASEM evokes a sense of sugar and spice and all things nice; a whiff of the whimsical; of childhood innocence; of indulgence; of the carnivalesque; of nostalgia, dreams and nightmares; of desire and sinful pleasures, conjuring up fairgrounds, forgotten lands, extinct creatures, imagined monsters and friendly ghosts.

Hopefully we will get some pics up of the work in process soon! we are very excited by it!

Thanks to Monique and Jade for all their input and a super special thanks to Sarah Sinisi for being our most excellent S.A. co ordinator.
More info coming soon!

MissYucki’s Flock Frolic!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

MissYucki was contacted by “The Hummingbird”, a South African blog which is “pursuit of what’s hot in Jozi. They then sift through all the info and deliver a one-page ‘cream of the crop’ exclusive insider’s guide.”
This Monday the Yucki inflitrated, and they wrote a lovely little piece on us which you can view HERE

We have created a special desktop wallpaper just for the hummingbird. When we first learned about what the hummingbird was all about we were both excited and dismayed. Excited because humming birds are gorgeous and magical and because the idea of creating a portal for awesome girl stuff in Johannesburg is so fantastic but dismayed because we immediately began to think about all the amazing indigenous birds of South Africa that would also love some attention.
So, birds became our starting point. We wanted to create a beautiful image that would include all the feathered beauties that exist locally. Accordingly we have illustrated a magical scene that depicts a flirty pageant princess as she soars through a cloudy sky led by a frolicking flock of indigenous birds and also hummingbirds.

If you write to The Hummingbird, they will happily send you our new lovely desktop!
go on you know you want to!

MissYucki Featured on Behance

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Hello hello,
We were pleased to discover today that one of our projects has been featured on Behance, a popular creative network which allows its’ members to create portfolios and share them with peers across the globe. MissYucki was accepted as a member in July this year. You can check out our portfolio, and have a look at the portfolios of some of our friends, truly there is a fantastic amount of great work out there, it’s very inspiring!

Pottering around in the Wonder Chamber

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Well well, its been sometime since the last post. So let me tell you a little about what has been happening in the Wonder Chamber. We have some new work, custom toys, and a sneak peak at one of the muti monsters that will be hidden in New York.

This is a new digital drawing by Kat, MissYucki is concentrating hard, conducting magic with her little minion. It will soon be featured in our shop and in our products gallery. And boy did it inspire a whole lot of new ideas… there will surely be more in this series, in fact we’ve even come up with a name: The Council. It will explore the magic that conducts through us all when we are being overly creative. Ever had so many ideas that you cannot sleep for them buzzing about in your head and overflowing off the bed, well MissYucki and her minions have found a way to tap into these magical overflows. She’s very busy conducting magic right now…

We have just added this lovely baby meryucki to our Products gallery. It was especially commissioned, and Alba lovingly crafted, customized and hand-painted every detail. We hope that she is swimming around blowing bubbles in her new home. You can check out the product gallery to see more of our custom MissYucki dolls HERE! Don’t forget that we will happily design and make a MissYucki doll for you, email us and we can discuss whatever plan you may have… we can’t wait to infuse it with pageant power just for you.

And without further ado, check out this critter, he’s super delicious and has been hiding in our minds all summer. He was birthed the other day by Alba, and hopefully will soon be catching some rays in New York, in the dying days of summer. He’s still so white and new born, Oh he makes us shiver with delight! Can you imagine the lucky person who may find him hidden in the streets of NY? We hope he finds himself a good home. Remember to keep on the look out for our MissYucki Plush Treasure. This little love bomb could be yours. He will be out there in the next few weeks along with a bunch of other plush muti monsters, as part of our Muti Monster Pop up project. Free to take home, re-hide or present to your friends.

In other news MissYucki was featured in the 3rd Quarter of the Design Indaba Magazine along with other notable South African designers. And And and we have a few more wallpapers for your computer, featured on Glam Desktops… you can see them here.
Thank you to those of you who have been leaving comments, it is oh so very nice to hear from you. Sorry if it takes us some time to filter them thru, we seem to be inundated with SPAM. grrrr indeed! Perhaps we shall mix up a potent batch of spam zapping muti to scare them off! :D Pageant Power!

MissYucki wallpaper on Glam Desktops

Friday, August 1st, 2008

MissYucki is in the process of doing a little website updating. It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to show you… in the meantime, we have a wallpaper featured on Glam Desktops. We also have created a new fantasically yucki dressup! Oh my the yuckiness is too fired up with muti and pageant power to behold! Really!
You can find the new dress up by either clicking to the dressup section from the main page…or HERE
In other news MissYucki muti monsters have been hidden in Johannesburg… keep your yucki binoculars out… the next wave should be in New York! MissYucki has been very very busy!