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Dead Man’s Hand

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

MissYucki has been invited to show a print at a group exhibition at The Cape Town International Tattoo Convention, curated by SixLove Events and Wildfire Tattoos the show focuses on tattooing, of course, and the theme of the “Dead man’s hand”.

Manuela Gray explains that, “The hand is a powerful symbol that transcends time, culture and religion. It can be a symbol of strength, solidarity, supplication, virtue and power. The inspiration behind this exhibition is the superstition of the ‘Dead Man’s Hand’, also known as ‘Hand of Glory’ (the hand, cut from the body of a hanged man, was used as a charm and was thought to have the power to open locked doors and hypnotize.)”

Sounds like quite an interesting show, so if you are in Cape Town, enjoy art and tattoos, why not visit the exhibition and see how MissYucki mixes and trixes up some powerful muti, who knows, perhaps there is a Dead man’s hand brewing in her potjie?

Speaking of tattoos, here are some pics of MissYucki ink on some beloved yucki fans…. Do you have a MissYucki inspired tattoo, let us know, we’re sure our eyes will be dazzled by your work!

Dead Man’s Hand
Opening of ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and ‘Body of Work’ art exhibitions

24 January 2011

19h00 – 22h00

Word of Art Gallery, Woodstock Industrial Centre

Following the success of Skulls and Hearts, Dead Man’s Hand is another art event where top South African artists are given a pre-cast hand and given the brief to create a work of art with it. The exhibition will be moved to the Pavilion Conference Centre for the commencement of the convention and on the last day, works will be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.