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Entropy excitement

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Although actually being in South Africa, we were unable to attend the opening of new gallery and shop Entropy. Boo us! However both the MissYucki girls have visited and can vouch for this new little gem. Located in the Bamboo centre at the entrance to Melville in Johannesburg, Entropy nestles on the top floor and commands attention, and, we think, deservedly so. The gallery and shop are curated by Marlene Jennings and Damon Garstang and they have an eye for unusual, clever and quirky South African art and design. The shop is beautifully presented, and we do suggest you pop in to have a look and drool over all the lovely curiosities found within it’s clever corners. You won’t be disappointed.

We were lucky enough to be invited to show our works as part of their opening, and you can still find some of our prints and MissYucki pageant power rosettes adorning their walls. So if you are in Johannesburg, South Africa, take yourself over there now, and have a look. Thanks so much to Damon, and we wish you tons of yucki love and luck potions with your new venture. yes yes!

Besides MissYucki artworks you can find beautiful felt creations by Ronel Jordaan, sculptures by Frank van Reenan and some suitcase chairs that we think should be gracing the Yucki attic! You can find out more by visiting the Entropy website, or on their facebook.