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Pageant Power Prize Rosettes

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Pageant Power Prize Rosettes, originally uploaded by MissYucki.

Its time to share and award some Pageant Power, so MissYucki has created a limited edition set of Pageant Power Prize Rosettes.

These Pageant Power Rosettes are in the form of MissYucki’s signature Rosette symbol and there are six different colour combinations available with each style being limited to 6 pieces.

MissYucki has used all her favourite colours in this batch of pretty prizes including pink,purple,red,black,white, grey, silver and gold.

The Rosettes all bare a heart emblem on their central, shiny button and they are hand crafted from firm Satin Ribbon.They are 8 inches long from head to tail and the central circular button has a diameter of 8 inches.

On the back of each Rosette there is an area to fill in personal details, including Name, Event, Date and Judge. Each Rosette is also signed and numbered and they include a functional pin fastener on their back so that the Rosettes can be worn as an accessory or pinned onto stuff.

Which colour Pageant Power prize do you fancy?