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MissYucki’s Flock Frolic!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

MissYucki was contacted by “The Hummingbird”, a South African blog which is “pursuit of what’s hot in Jozi. They then sift through all the info and deliver a one-page ‘cream of the crop’ exclusive insider’s guide.”
This Monday the Yucki inflitrated, and they wrote a lovely little piece on us which you can view HERE

We have created a special desktop wallpaper just for the hummingbird. When we first learned about what the hummingbird was all about we were both excited and dismayed. Excited because humming birds are gorgeous and magical and because the idea of creating a portal for awesome girl stuff in Johannesburg is so fantastic but dismayed because we immediately began to think about all the amazing indigenous birds of South Africa that would also love some attention.
So, birds became our starting point. We wanted to create a beautiful image that would include all the feathered beauties that exist locally. Accordingly we have illustrated a magical scene that depicts a flirty pageant princess as she soars through a cloudy sky led by a frolicking flock of indigenous birds and also hummingbirds.

If you write to The Hummingbird, they will happily send you our new lovely desktop!
go on you know you want to!

Reunion Barcelona

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Hola Chicos!

We are about to have a much longed over reunion once again! This time we will be cavorting in Barcelona! Lucky us! We only have 2 sleeps to go before yucki mayhem hits the streets together again. Goodness! it’s already been a year. Time flies in yucki land for sure! Well Alba has packed the sparkle hair and turbans, and Kat has the plastic reindeers ready. We have a tight schedule to stick to with heaps of fun & yucki art, design & pageanting planned, we can’t WAIT!

and so without further ado, here is a little walk down memory lane…

smooching the yucki

Flight of the Yuckiesyucki bum grabshockhorror
Bear rideGrrrrrrr