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new pop ups in Barcelona

Friday, June 13th, 2008

just added some new photos to the Muti Monster gallery…. yay!
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MissYucki featured on Pixelgirl Presents

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Popular desktop and icon website Pixelgirl Presents has featured the MissYucki Desktop “Listen to the Pink”.
You can go download it :) hooray!
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Thursday, June 5th, 2008


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MissYucki has been travelling the world, from gritty grimy Joburg to sunbleached Barcelona,
to frenetic New York. Each city with its’ own textures, secrets, smells and magic.

With her monsters in tow, she wakes up one day in Barcelona,
the first stop on her treasure hunt, the smell of salt in the air.
The dream-travelling had been tough, but with pageant power to spare,
MissYucki felt fresh, ready to explore. She was prepared,
she had her carefully mixed magic in her pockets. Made from recently plucked seagulls,
and pan con tomate, her potions were potent. She slunk down the alleys of Raval,
and sidled up Las Ramblas. Scouting out for the best places to stash her monster treasure.

It’s the beginning of a 3 city invasion. Muti Monsters with carefully crafted messages
will be left in the wild! Care to play? Find your Muti Monsters NOW!

Barcelona, is host to the first wave:

Nationalities are a plenty from Pakistan to Peru in this Metropolis
Something different has brought everyone to this party of culture that is
Barcelona, like it or not we live wall apart, each day our existence like a
notebook willing to be influenced by whoever and whatever. For some the
pages are full and for many they are blank.

Negating the usual display space and evolving street expression, Barcelona
is seeing an influx of Yucki Graffiti’s, ready to be stumbled upon, left or
taken. Small tokoloshes whose potions are statements, waiting to be
discovered, their unique visuality enticing the willing- accidentally or
not- into a question of group identity. From Gracia to Gotic they lay like
toys in waiting ready to play with the boundaries of a population separated
by the colour of money, skin and clothing, to form in accordance with Yucki
history, an identity for the massive of a certain space.

The project is formed in unison between Miss Yucki creators Kat Cameron and
Alba Poretti and conceptual writer Becca Bland. They combine their craft
solidly to question the breezeblock walls built in a time where identity is
in flux.

Each monster has its own recipe, its secret message. Ready to change your day!
Keep a look out to find a MissYucki Monster.

And do not fear, Muti Monster secrets will soon start appearing in New York and
Johannesburg! With the help of our South African spiritual and fashion adviser
Loren Philips and man slave Thomas Blatcher,
MissYucki will be leaving muti monster treasure in nooks and crannies near you!

Keep checking back here for more information and updates!
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And start Hunting for your muti monster NOW!
If you happen across one, don’t forget to send us your photos,
we want to see what mysterious lives the Muti Monsters lead! :)