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Just For Fun

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Kat went and painted the Star wall again on Jan Smuts in Johannesburg. With two yucki helpers they created a rainbow fueled march of the pageant princesses. We wonder how long it will last… go check it out, while its up there….

pictures soon to be posted in their very own gallery wooeee!
in the meantime heres a nice little panorama of the scene. yay

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About ….

Monday, January 28th, 2008

We changed the About page, hopefully now, it will load a little faster, and its easier to update… anyway keep your eye on that page, perhaps new updates will follow…About MissYucki…manifesto and all

Updates to the Wonder Chamber

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

ok, so yay, MissYucki has finally pulled her socks up, and updated stuff ….wooeee. Right so, what new, you ask? Well first up we have some new photographs posted in the Events gallery. Namely the photos documenting our First Solo Show: MissYucki Reunion Jo’burg 2007 and the crazy epic photos from our second Trolley Hunt.

The trolley hunt was a tad more wild this time round, being in a grime and gritty filled area in Johannesburg. It wasn’t nearly so quiet as the previous treasure hunt in Braamfontein, and we do think this may have scared some people away, however, the craziness in town did really add to the game. We had teams jumping into taxis, with trolleys in tow, climbing buildings, getting nasty with pigeons, stealing stickers, kidnapping other players, licking glitter, wearing leopard print, and haggling for Nigerian passports! It was truly yucki and heaps of fun…we hope to do it again some time!

Other updates include two new photoshoots in the Photo Album, so take a peek.

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The Reunion Pics

Trash Treasure Trolley Hunt

Love Child

Teensy Tinsy Mini Yucki