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Alba grants a fairy godmother a wish!

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Alba got busy doing some wandage, and wing action!
Check it out:

“Alba Poretti is an incredible woman, she has designed and made a pair of beautiful, kick-ass Fairy godmother Wings for me to use during our Fairy Godmother Antics.” – fairy godmother

Read the full story here…

You gotta a commision or request?

A Yucki Reunion

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Japan was the spot chosen for our 2 year reunion! can you believe it??? Two years and we hadn’t bathed in the presence of MissYucki together, pretty disgraceful, we know. So we had to remedy this in style, and what more delicious spot than Tokyo, a city that lives and breathes yucki?!! So Alba flew off to meet up with Kat, wild karaoke followed! We were not quite the same after that! But we persevered and got cracking making loads of delectable stuff for the Tokyo Design Festa! We churned out dollies, cut up MissYucki stickers, made bags and shirts and prints, until our fingers BLED! Finally the galleries are up, so now you can peruse to your hearts delight! YAY! So have a look at the Tokyo Design Festa Gallery in Events, and dont miss our EPIC REUNION in Tokyoland in the Travelogue.

Also two new photoshoots:

A Blustery Day and In the Jungle!

meeting alba at the train stationalba geting seriousKaraokeAfter leaving karaokekaraokecutting missyucki stickers


Sunday, June 24th, 2007

The new Travelogue is up! Yay, its alot easier…. and we shall soon be adding a Tokyoland Gallery to that page where you will be able see the yucki girls frolicking in Harajuku and Hello Kitty Land! Yippee!
Anyway, don’t delay, go peek at the new travelogue!

MissYucki on the web

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

We went exploring today and found some fun references to MissYucki on the intraweb…
Mostly friends we made through the Design Festa.
Check em out!

Tokyo Design Festa vol. 25

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Alba flew to Japan and Kat met her at the station… They designed and schemed… and a Wonder Chamber was born at the Tokyo Design Festa! There were heaps of Glitter Thrills… We whipped out our divination mat, threw the bones, and yuckified with Miss Yucki stickers… we cant wait to put up the gallery…but heres a sneak preview, while we recollect our brains…

Wonder Chamber

Wonder Chamber
Miss Yucki
Pageant Power!