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So whats new, you ask?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Well everything really….
Hello Yucki friends,
It’s been a long time hasn’t it? We hope you will forgive our absence from the intraweb…we have been slaves to the yucki making this new website with our bare hands!

By now you’ve seen the delicious new missyucki, all glam, glitzy and super yucki. We have a ton of new work which can be previewed by flipping thru the galleries in our PRODUCTS page. This is kind of our catalogue of previous work… so see what we have been busy creating! There are loads of new goodies!
Also even though we have been quiet online, we have been busy conquering the world of yucki, with a multitude of fun events, parties and exhibitions… you can peruse the galleries in EVENTS to see miss yucki live in action!! Miss yucki is also featured in some spiffy new PHOTOSHOOTS. These delightful galleries showcase Miss Yucki galavanting all over the world from Japan to New York and Thailand….Miss yucki has also posted some new ANIMATIONS!!! You can see Miss Yucki graffiti the star wall in Johannesburg, and some other yucki interludes! We also have a new MYSPACE, so do come and be our friend!!! and and and, if you are not part of the miss yucki MAILING LIST, drop by our contact page to sign up, and every now and then we will send you fun fun mails telling you about the grand adventures of miss yucki!

wow… well please have a peek at all the exciting stuff! we hope you love our new website as much as we do! please come and visit again… we promise loads of new goodies and fun yucki stuff all the time! Very soon we will be launching our new shop… hooray PAGEANT POWER!
MissYucki Team